IHQ-6010 Introducing Flutter: A New Way to Write Fast and Beautiful Mobile Apps | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Banff 2019
from Friday 20 September to Saturday 21 September 2019.

   Introducing Flutter: A New Way to Write Fast and Beautiful Mobile Apps


Modern Web
Modern Web
Beginner & novice level
KC303 Friday from 13:30 til 14:30

Flutter is a new development platform from Google that gives developers a new way to write high performance, great looking, cross platform mobile applications. A primary focus of Flutter is to provide a high quality developer experience through hot reload, quality documentation, and an open source code base. This talk will provide an overview of the Flutter library and ecosystem, with an emphasis on the issues one may encounter if they were tasked with writing their first production-level application in Flutter.

Dean Iverson
Dean Iverson
From Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Dean Iverson is the client applications lead in the Center for Technology Implementation at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. CTI's focus is to help clients bridge the gap between pure R&D and the initial deployment of new technologies in the real world. These days, most of CTI's work involves writing software to support research on connected and autonomous vehicle technologies.

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