AIN-2663 Always Be Running: Long Running and Fault Tolerant Java services | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Banff 2019
from Friday 20 September to Saturday 21 September 2019.

   Always Be Running: Long Running and Fault Tolerant Java services


Methodology & Culture
Methodology & Culture
Intermediate level
KC103 Friday from 13:30 til 14:30

For high-availability services, rebooting or starting a new instance is not a viable failure-handling strategy. This session covers experiences and approaches used for developing and deploying resilient, fault-tolerant code. It looks at exception handling, threads and pools, locking, timeouts, deadlocks, recovery, memory, logging, saturation/runaways, resource hogs, manual repair of running systems, and—yes—when a reboot is your best option. The presenter works on the on-vehicle software for the Liquid Robotics Wave Glider, an autonomous marine data collection platform that often spends months at a time at sea.

Mike Duigou
Mike Duigou
From Definitely Not a Robot

Mike Duigou works on Java-based ocean-going robots at Liquid Robotics. He was previously a developer on the Java Core Libraries team at Oracle and contributed to the core collections and Java 8 lambda libraries. Mike has also enjoyed working on autonomous cars, dancing robots, industrial real-time applications and peer-to-peer networking.

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